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Fancy Farm Picnic a draw for people from out of state

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FANCY FARM, Ky. - Samuel Stamper and his wife plan their vacation around the Fancy Farm Picnic.  Since 1988, he hasn't missed the trek from Ft. Hood, Texas to Fancy Farm.

"I have a lot of family come here and they all know where I'm parked at," he said with a smile.

He grew up in town and considers this a family reunion every year.  The military moved him to Texas.  He served in Vietnam and retired in 1982.  Politics is a topic that grabs his attention.  "I'm an avid watcher of the Sunday morning talk shows on Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC," Stamper told Local 6.

The political back and forth excites Becky Murphy and her husband.  They're from Lexington and have made the trip west for nine years.  "It's nice to see the old American tradition of people coming together for a common cause and purpose," she said.
They arrived Thursday and will stay until Sunday morning.  Murphy said this years Senate race is the one to watch.  "Tomorrow during the speeches we will have our chairs up around the big tree and it's a gathering of people that will last all evening until 11 and 12 o'clock and just talk about what happened and where we're headed," Murphy said.
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