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Picnic patrols in Fancy Farm

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FANCY FARM, Ky. -  If you're planning on heading to Fancy Farm Saturday, there's a good chance you'll be part of the record crowd. There's a better chance that you'll see some differences to security at St. Jerome's, too.

Graves County Sheriff Dewayne Redmon told Local 6 in the first time in 30 years, his department has had to call in more backup than ever before. 

"Since there's such an overflow crowd we had to call in additional resources," he said. That means, for the first time, the Kentucky State Police will have a command post set up on site. That's where Graves County deputies, state troopers, McCracken County deputies, as well as Capitol security for the U.S. Senators and the Governor's security detail will collaborate. 

"That's going to eliminate a lot of and save some time in case something does happen," Redmon said. Still, a central location and streamlined communication will not eliminate all the problems that may pop up in an already charged atmosphere. 

"We ask everyone to be patient," he said. "It's going to be elbow to elbow to try to get through the crowd tomorrow. Parking is going to be a nightmare."

A lot of the officers time will be spent combing the crowd during the speeches. They will be helping picnic political chair Mark Wilson control the "shout-fest" that has been developing every year.

"If some of our guests just constantly screaming or they're ringing bells or something like that, a total distraction, they're (officers) going to approach it in a very professional, tactful way and help us out to try to alleviate some of the issues," said Wilson. 

Both Wilson and Redmon agree, they don't want to take all the spirit out of the picnic, but they do want to try to cut down on potential problems that can happen in a huge crowd.

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