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Program helping to prepare kids for school

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Whether you are waiting at the bus stop with your child for the first time or sending your teenager off to college, back to school time can be tough both emotionally and financially.

Kentucky is expanding a program to help parents turn everyday life into learning experiences for their toddlers. The state is paying for 25 Bornlearning Academies. It is part of a four year plan to establish 150 academies across the state.

It is a free way to promote learning for children and to teach parents about their child's early development.

Amanda Ellegood and her 18-month old daughter Laklyn are spending some quality time together. For Laklyn, preschool does not start for another year, but when it is time, Ellegood wants her daughter to be ready.

"It's always a scary thing for first day of school but I'm not anymore, I'm prepared for her to go and she will be prepared too," said Ellegood.

Tana Jones is the Family Resource Center Coordinator at Wingo Elementary.

"The premise of the program is to teach parents how to use everyday moments as learning opportunities," said Jones.

Jones said it is never too early to start educating children. She teaches a program called, Bornlearning Academy to promote early education for toddlers like Laklyn.

"All those sensory things that kids are so inquisitive about at that age, the brain is prime for development in those early years, the more we can tap into that the better they are," said Jones.

A program that is helping put an end to any first day jitters while putting parents at ease.

"I think it's better for the children to be prepared once they get to school," said Ellegood.

The program is paid for through a $1.4 million federal grant and a $1 million donation from Toyota. Children from birth to five years old can enroll.

The next session at Wingo starts September 16 and includes six sessions throughout the school year.

If you are interested, you can call your local elementary school and ask about the program.

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