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Negotiations fail, Honeywell union workers locked out

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METROPOLIS, Ill. - Union-backed workers at the Honeywell plant in southern Illinois are locked out of the work site because of a labor dispute.

The two sides met at 10:00 this morning. In a statement, Honeywell's External Relations Director Peter Dalpe said, "The company and the union had frank and straightforward discussions with representatives from the union this morning. The two sides agreed to evaluate their positions and are now scheduled to resume bargaining for a full week starting Aug. 18.

The company remains committed to bargaining in good faith and reaching a settlement. The union leadership has a competitive, comprehensive offer from the company but has refused to let its membership vote on the offer. Employees will be permitted to return to work upon union ratification of a new agreement."

The lockout involving the Honeywell plant in Metropolis follows the failure by the company and the United Steel Workers union to reach a deal affecting some 130 union workers before the latest contract expired Friday.

Dalpe says the plant will continue operating with federally trained salaried workers until a deal is reached.
Union workers at the plant also were locked out of the site in 2010 for more than a year during a contract dispute.

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