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Preventing heat related sports injuries

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It has been a pretty mild summer, but the risk for heat related injuries as our kids get back into sports is still there.

Just recently, a Florida teen died of heat-related health issues while training at a football camp.

Investigators say he collapsed during practice.

Jason Karnes says his team of coaches are prepared for anything during practice.

"Lockers are air conditioned and we have coolers that have ice in them," said Karnes.

Even on a nice day, the pads, helmets and socks trap in heat so the body cannot properly cool itself.

"It could be 80 degrees and no humidity and still be tough on these young men," said Karnes.

Sportsologist Sarai Yates says prevention is key; make sure your star player replenishes their body at home.

"Not just grabbing a soda, a fruity drink, or the worst thing, an energy drink!," said Yates.

It is not just football that poses a risk for heat related injuries.

Yates says she sees even more problems in kids that run cross country or play soccer.

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