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Winter's gone and the heat is on

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MURRAY, KY - We are all complaining about the hot summer weather now, but it wasn't that long ago we were missing these summer days.

Six months ago the Local 6 area woke up to an all too familiar site.  Fresh blankets of snow, bitter cold temperatures, and ice that made roads a slippery mess.

Under the hot summer sun, Finish Line Car Wash co-owner Chris Presswood said it is tough to stay cool.

"Fortunately we do get to play with water so that helps a little bit but it definitely gets hot out here," said Presswood.

Meanwhile, keeping cool is the priority at Parker Ford car dealership.  Employees like Nicholas Cook spent less time out on the car lot and more time participating in the ALS ice water challenge.

"Feels like it's 100 degrees outside, pretty humid definitely a good day if you're going to get dunked with ice water," said Cook.

Even when the heat is on, Presswood said some can handle the weather better than others.

"It was definitely a cooler winter to say the least we were kind of praying for summer. Summer got here and it won't be long and we will be happy to see temperatures come back down again," said Presswood.

Until they do, Presswood said stay hydrated and take frequent breaks.

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