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The cost of keeping cool

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PADUCAH - You try and get out of the heat as much as possible, but air conditioning isn't an affordable option for a lot of people.

Many try to stay home and out of the heat. While fans are a great option, in this kind of stifling heat it can be hard to even notice the difference.

When you're walking down the street, you can hear many air conditioning units kick on when the heat's on. Evenso, "It's so hot, I guess I'm used to it but its still hot"

Sandra Elam survives the heat like most of us do-in our home, "I always keep these drawn, and put the coolest clothes on I can."

But she does it with only two fans, "Keep things circulating, but it's still really hard to do in the hot part of the day especially with the heat index."

Especially because it's about saving money. Elam says in order to save on money, she chooses not to run her AC unit, "My bill runs around $50 but I have to sweat."

So for Sandra, staying comfortably cool, "It's not an option for me right now."

Steve Warren with Warren Heating and Air says if you don't have central air, you should keep the fans on, but the ceiling fan off, "All you're doing is kind of pushing that heat down so remember you're sitting down low. You don't live at the ceiling, so leave that heat alone."

But in waiting for the heat to break, Sandra says she's not holding her breath.

You may remember our 'Beat the Heat' campaign from June. We asked you to donate fans to help those in need in your community during hot stretches like this.

All three services Local 6 distributed fans to: Salvation Army, Paducah Cooperative Ministry and Family Services Society all have run out of fans to hand out.  All three locations are more than happy to accept any and all fan donations in this heat.

For those who are fortunate enough to have air conditioning, one of your main concerns may be saving money. So to keep your home cool and efficient, Steve Warren says keep the hot outside air outside.

Be sure to:

  • Keep your windows sealed tight
  • Secure your crawl space so there's no moisture that can seep into your home
  • Insulate the top and entrance to your attic

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