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I am Local 6: Jack Jones, businessman

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Age is mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

Jack Jones of Calloway County ran a business for two years before e-mailing us his story. The business has been successful so far, but Jack's age is what is most impressive.

Jack is CEO of J.R. Jones Management Group, a company that buys and sells textbooks online. He's 10-years-old.

"The joy of people learning is one thing we take pride in," said Jack.

We meaning Jack and his four employees. One of them is Marketing Director, Skylar Swalls who is also 10.

"Working for Jack is like a day at Disneyland," said Skylar.

On this particular day, Jack spent his time paying bills and Skylar is a little go-getter.

"I'm always like Jack is there something I can do? Anything I can do. I can make a phone call. I can run back to the house and do something. I can go get you a coffee or something," said Skylar.

This is a small business now, but Jack runs it like a larger corporation. Every one in a while they have meetings around a conference table where Jack and his employees talk about important topics such as the employee handbook.

"There's no alcohol or weapons in the workplace. That's in our book," said Jack.

The dress code is smart casual.

"Jack takes his fashion very, very seriously," said Skylar.

Of course being 10, you have the giggles and the sniffles, but the secret to running a successful business rings true for anyone at any age.

"Don't let other people tell you what you can and can't do," said Jack.

A piece of advice we could all put in our own handbook.

Jack told us one thing that frustrates him most is when customers don't take him seriously because of his age. He doesn't see himself or his employees as kids. More like young adults.

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