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Murray State President schedules time to walk with students

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MURRAY, Ky - Among the tennis shoes and flip flops making their way across the Murray State campus this week, a more formal pair of dress shoes is also pounding the pavement. They belong to University President Dr. Bob Davies. Although, he's all dressed up, he keeps the conversations casual with students. 

It's part of his plan to get to know the campus and the students who claim it. He said he will make these "walk-abouts" as he calls them a regular occurrence. During his walk, he doesn't plan a route or even have a destination, he just wanders around and talks to anyone he can. 

Most are surprised to learn who he is, but everyone takes the time to stop and chat. He asks them about their classes, their majors, and their hometowns, but he also asks them about things they would like to change at Murray State. 

"By asking that question now and opening that dialogue and being truthful and sincere about it asking that question, when things do happen four weeks from now, four months from now, when something does come up they're going to be more likely to bring it to my attention," he said. 

Davies heard everything from parking and housing complaints to more personal problems, like lack of financial aid and he promised each students he would do the best he could to address them.

He and the students both know he can't fix every problem for every student, but there's more happening during that conversation. They are forming a relationship. Plus, communication, Davies said, is a two way street. 

"When I need to send out that blanket email in the near future if I've been able to communicate with them face to face, they're more likely to read it," he said. "When they walk across that stage at time of graduation I want us to have a connection. I want them to know that there are people behind them."

If students can't come up with anything on the spot or think of something later, Davies hangs them a card with all his contact information and encourages them to reach out. 

To get a hold of Dr. Davies you can head to this website and send an email. Or follow him on twitter or instagram @MurrayStatePrez. He also has a facebook page. 

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