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Coaches monitored the heat at the Little League Jamboree

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MARSHALL COUNTY, KY -  Football season is finally here, but it is also a time when parents have to make peace with fears that come along with the sport, like the heat.  Today was the Little League Football Jamboree at Marshall County Middle school.

As the temperatures got close to triple digits, coaches were on the look out for signs of heat exhaustion.

Under the baking sun, there is one place these kids can find relief from the heat - the water trough.  Third grader Luke Castle has been playing football for three years.

"We have the front line is the tackle and the back line and the quarterback is in the middle so we have to protect him to get to the touchdown," said Castle.

But playing in the heat with football pads makes it tough for any athlete.  Marshall County Athletic Director Jeff Stokes said you can not control the weather, but you can try to control the game.

"Every 30 minutes you have to have a mandatory break. With the games only being 20 minutes long, nobody plays back to back, so that's going to give them the rest time off to be able to get re-hydrated and cooled off," said Stokes.

Stokes kept an eye on the heat index, but today's temperatures were not too hot to keep these kids from playing the game.

"We want to use extreme caution when we go into this because we are talking kids and kids lives at this time," said Stokes.

Monitoring the heat, while also looking out for the safety of the players both on and off the field.  

The Jamboree coordinator tells us the kids were able to complete all of the scheduled games today with out any heat-related issues.
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