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What the Tech: Apps for students and teachers

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 Stores are filled with backpacks, lunch boxes and notebooks, but there's more to going back to school than school supplies.

There are some things online and in apps that will help students and teachers. Whether you teach kindergarten or college, there are dozens of apps that make learning easier.

Evernote can be used to write and save papers, classroom notes and even records of a lecture. There's also Google Drive for when you'd like to share and collaborate on projects.

Wolfram Alpha is an educational app that uses a collection of data and then computes the answer. Whether it's geography, chemistry, math or dozens of others subjects, Wolfram Alpha can and will quickly factor a polynomial in algebra or find out everything you'd ever want to know about Midway Airport in Chicago. There's nothing Wolfram Alpha can't do for teachers and students. It's an invaluable source and it's only $3 for iOS and Android.

EleMints is for the serious science folks. It puts the periodic table in high resolution graphics on the iPad or iPhone. It also organizes elements by a property of choice. There's an articles library including dozens of topics in chemistry, physics, biology and material science. Like Wolfram Alpha, EleMints will also compute an equation or formula. It's a $5 app, not available on Android.

To keep schedules and to-do lists organized, Wunderlist is something to remember. In addition to keeping your calendar straight, the app lets you share lists and notes and collaborate on assignments.

For literary students, there's PlayShakespeare that offers a synopsis, scenes and documents of William Shakespeare's work. I think it was Shakespeare who said, "The Internet? Only a fad."

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