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COPY-Jefferson Orthopedic Surgical and Sports Medicine - FAQ's

Do I need a referral to be seen in your office?
We do not require a referral from your Family / Internal Medicine Doctor to be seen at the Jefferson Orthopedics office. All you have to do is "Call Dr. Ted".
How can I request Dr. Ted if I am injured and in the Emergency Room?
All you have to do is tell your Emergency Room Doctor and/or Nurse that you would like to have us help take care of your needs. In an attempt to decrease the number of Emergency Room calls for physicians when they are not on call, the Emergency Room Physician will call the Orthopedic Surgeon that is on call unless you make your preference known. If you have any problems you can always call the office at (270)-442-2449. After office hours the answering service will contact Dr. Ted and we will make sure your needs are met.
Do you perform minimally invasive surgery?
Jefferson Orthopedics offers minimally invasive computer assisted total knee replacement surgery. Also Dr. Ted performs minimally invasive computer assisted total hip replacement through an anterior approach that has been shown to decrease the size of the incision and decrease the possibility of a total hip prosthesis dislocation post operatively.
Do you treat problems associated with the foot, ankle or hands?
Unlike some of the Orthopedics in the area, Jefferson Orthopedics offers treatment of all your musculoskeletal problems. Dr. Ted wants to take care of all of your orthopedic needs, not just your hip or knees. He thinks that it is narrow minded to only want to help you if you have a problem that is easy to fix. If you have a musculoskeletal problem we say "Call Dr. Ted."
Do you do Sports Medicine?
Yes, in fact Dr. Ted was recruited to the are as a Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon. However, he does not separate people into categories based on how the problem started and therefore does not see the need for the title of Sports Medicine Doctor. Whether you were involved in a sporting injury, tripped and fell, injured on the job or had a motor vehicle accident; however it started, we want to help.
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