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Load Limit Change on US 60 Cumberland River Bridge

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LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Ky. - Following analysis of the most recent inspection of the US 60 Cumberland River Bridge at Smithland, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has adjusted the maximum load limit for the bridge structure.

In recent months, Kentucky State Police (KSP) Troopers and Officers with the KSP Division of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement had stepped up enforcement of the bridge load limit.

The enhanced enforcement was in response to a number of recent complaints about overweight trucks crossing the bridge and vehicles exceeding the 35 mile per hour bridge speed limit.

That enforcement effort was based on the following weight limits:

Type I Trucks            23 Tons (2 axle)

Type II Trucks           23 Tons (3 axle)

Type III Trucks          26 Tons (4 axle)

Type IV Trucks         35 Tons (5 axle-Semi)

After analyzing the findings of a detailed inspection of the bridge conducted in July, bridge engineers have adjusted the weight limits to the following:

Type I Trucks            20 Tons (2 axle)

Type II Trucks           27 Tons (3 axle)

Type III Trucks          28 Tons (4 axle)

Type IV Trucks         40 Tons (5 axle-Semi)

New signage indicating the change should be in place in a few days.  The old load limit had been in place since April of 1988.

By law, load limit information is posted at the end of all Kentucky bridges. It is the responsibility of the Commercial Drivers License holder to obey bridge weight restrictions.

While farm trucks hauling crops and trucks hauling certain natural resources are given a margin of error on some highways, all bridge load limits still apply and cannot be exceeded.

While the enhanced enforcement effort is primarily directed at weight limits on the Smithland Bridge, officers stationed at the bridge will also be enforcing the 35 mile per hour speed limit for all vehicles at the river crossing.

The US 60 Cumberland River bridge at Smithland, also known as the Lucy Jefferson Lewis Memorial Bridge and the Smithland Bridge, is at US 60 Livingston County mile point 12.348.  The 1,817 ft. through truss structure was opened to traffic in 1931.  About 5,200 vehicles cross the bridge in an average day.

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