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Disaster report cards released for state schools, daycares, homes

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky. - Disaster plans can help prepare kids for the worst, but not all of them are created equally. Kids Kare Draffenville Director Charlotte Mulvihill said, "There shouldn't be anything more important that keeping our children safe."

From school shootings to natural disasters, you count on your child care provider to have a plan to keep your kids safe if the unthinkable happens. After Hurricane Katrina, the government came up with four minimum standards for preparedness, but right now, only 29 states require schools and daycares to meet all of them.

The government recommends schools and daycares have disaster plans for emergency evacuation and relocation, children with disabilities, family-child reunification, and k-12 multiple disaster. The state of Kentucky does require all four, but studies show there is a disconnect happening at home.

Five days a week, Kids Kare is where some kids come to learn and play while their parents are at work. "They're like family to us," said Mulvihill. She described her top job as keeping the kids safe by preparing for the worst. "This will tell the parents exactly where we would go in case we have to evacuate. This has all of my contact information on it." Their disaster plans are part of a packet every parent gets when they enroll their kids.

Studies show a lot of parents aren't paying attention. "We really need to encourage those parents to know exactly where their child is going to be in the case of an emergency," Mulvihill said. The Marshall County Emergency Management Office also keeps the evacuation and emergency plans for some schools and daycares on file. The director was not in the office Tuesday, but he can also step in and help create emergency plans for homes as well.

"There could be a fire, tornado, earth quake, and you need to have a place of evacuation. Your family knows where to go, where to meet you... exactly what to do in case of an emergency," said Mulvihill. She suggests regular drills that can saves lives at the daycare and at home.

Aid group Save The Children puts out the disaster report card every year. Their studies also show 40 percent of parents don't have a disaster plan at home, and 42 percent of parents don't know where to meet their child if their daycare of school is evacuated.

Kentucky isn't the only state in our area that requires all four standards in schools and daycares. Illinois and Tennessee are also meeting the mark. Missouri requires all of the standards, except a k-12 multiple disaster plan.
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