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Schools help Mid-Continent students transition

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PADUCAH, Ky. - Mid-Continent University stopped offering classes of any kind June 30, 2014. As a result thousands of students spent their summer trying to figure out where they were going to end up in the Fall. 

While it's hard to tell exactly where every student ended up, West Kentucky Community and Technical College administrators said 160 of them enrolled with them, 93 have started taking classes.

Enrollment doesn't officially close until November 1, so that number can change, but WKCTC president Dr. Barbara Veazey told Local 6 what won't change is their effort to make sure students have transitioned and are staying on track. 

"They've had a rough patch, absolutely, but there should be the support system now that would allow them to complete that career goal or go to a baccalaureate program," she said. 

Adrianna Hollowell is a sophomore at WKCTC, although she spent her freshman year at Mid-Continent. She said the summer has been a blur as she tried to get her transcripts from one school and get enrolled in another. She said at times it has been frustrating, but for the most part she feels lucky. All of her classes transferred. 

"I was shocked because I thought a few of them wouldn't transfer, but I was pretty happy about that," 

Hollowell said she knows plenty of people who didn't have all their classes transfer and are in a tight spot because of student loans. She was there on a basketball scholarship, which is gone now, but she's trying to focus on her two remaining years of eligibility. Plus, she wants to stay on track academically. 

"The classes are little bit bigger, but the work is manageable," she said. 

Veazey said councilors are making personal phone calls to the remaining students who have enrolled, but not shown up yet. She said they just want to make sure everyone who wants to attend WKCTC can, or at least ended up somewhere. 

Mid-Continent offices continue to remain open and are run on a skeleton staff. Board of Trustee members told Local 6 they are considering their options for the campus.

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