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City tearing down dozens of abandoned and condemned homes

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MAYFIELD, Ky - Blown out windows and a collapsed garage door is enough to turn Mary Jane Lain's stomach.

"It makes you want to move when you see that kind of stuff," Lain said.

She lives down the road from a home the city of Mayfield says is not up to code.  "There is a lot of that in Mayfield," she told Local 6.

The homeowner told us he's in the process of repairing it and possibly selling it.  But Lain said it would be better off if it was turned into an empty lot.  "In fact, I have called code enforcement before on some of my neighbors," she said.

Mayor Teresa Rochetti-Cantrell said the budget for cleaning and clearing these homes has almost doubled in three years. In 2011, the city spent $25,000 tearing down buildings.  This fiscal year, the city's set aside $40,000.
Rochetti-Cantrell said the state needs to address the problem of blighted properties because it's costing taxpayers.

"We don't have really good state level laws that allow cities to go in and do the thing that they need to do," she said.

For Lain, she's tired of seeing her neighbor's messy yard from her backyard.

"What they do behind closed doors, that's one thing, but when you can see it out here, that's another," Lain said.
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