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City renovation to include changes to parking

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People in Carbondale, Illinois say that parking downtown can be difficult.

The city recognizes that and says they are trying to fix the problem, with your help.

It is all in an effort to rejuvenate the downtown area through a series of open-forum meetings.

Shane Gibbons has lived in Carbondale for nearly five years and says he plays the parking game nearly every day.

"There's a few parking spots behind Jimmy Johns, but other than that, there's nothing really downtown," said Gibbons.

The committee says they understand because they are Carbondale drivers, too.

But Councilwoman Jane Adams says the problem in Carbondale goes beyond full parking lots.

She says the changes downtown need to accommodate more than just drivers.

"We're a town with a lot of people who walk, a lot of people who ride their bike," said Adams.

Even after calling Carbondale home for nearly two decades, Adams still gets confused by the one-way street signage.

"I still after all these years turn too short or go too long," said Adams.

Gibbons says he would appreciate fewer parking meters downtown, too.

"I don't always have change lying around, so if they could find a way to get rid of meters, that'd be great!," said Gibbons.

Wednesday's meeting was the second in a series of six, each focusing on a different aspect of the downtown renovation project.

City officials hope to have a comprehensive plan by this time next year.

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