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Dozens of homes slated for demolition in Paducah

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PADUCAH, Ky - Buford Thorn's S. 4th Street Paducah neighborhood is quiet now.  "I can say that the neighborhood has improved," Thorn said.

But a short time ago, he said several run-down properties created hazardous conditions. So, four homes adjacent to his came down by order of the city's fire department.  "They needed to be torn down," he said.

"Obviously you don't want to live next door to one of these homes that are falling in," said Paducah Deputy Fire Chief Gregg Cherry.

He's in charge of the demolitions.  He said city commissioners approved enough money this year to tear down 20 to 30 homes.  Cherry prioritizes the properties, ones that are considered a public safety risk are torn down first.

"These houses are prone for kids to get in them, play in them. Kids get hurt. We've had several that have been set on fire due to kids playing in them," Cherry said.  

The demolitions can spur future development and revitalization.  The city's planning department would like to turn the empty lots into future growth, similar to the Fountain Avenue neighborhood.  It's a plan Thorn supports.

"I love being here. Don't mind having new neighbors, but you got to have something for them to live in," Thorn said.
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