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Natural gas explosion kills husband, wife

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INA, Ill. - UPDATE: Marks says Byford and Wastina died from "inhalation of super heated gases" - meaning the house experienced a gas explosion and immediately killed the couple.

UPDATE: Marks tells Local 6 formal autopsy results could take a month.

Jefferson County Coroner Eddie Joe Marks tells Local 6 a husband and wife were killed in their Ina home Friday after a natural gas line exploded.

Marks identified the couple as Byford and Wastina Campbell, both 87.  Marks says the explosion happened around 8pm Friday at their home on Elm Street.

The explosion was so powerful, the home lifted off its foundation, according to Marks.  Marks says It took several hours to located Byford and Wastina because their charred bodies were not intact.

A formal autopsy is scheduled for Sunday.
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