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UF6 leak at Metropolis Honeywell plant said to be contained

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A Honeywell spokesperson says there is not an active release at the plant anymore. Emergency personnel are still working to determine a specific source of the release.

Peter Dalpe said the white cloudy substance many people reported seeing at the plant is spray from the water towers used to contain leaks. The mitigation towers were directed at the production facility to ensure that no material escaped the building. Daple said that is standard emergency procedure at the site. 


We have received multiple phone calls to the newsroom tonight over a rumor that the Honeywell plant in Metropolis is leaking uranium hexa-floride, or UF6, into the community.

We have contacted the Massac County Sheriff's Office. They tell us Honeywell is releasing UF6, but it is an in-house release. The sheriff's office says no one is in any danger.
Honeywell Spokesperson Peter Dalpe sent our newsroom a statement that reads, "The Metropolis facility experienced a leak of UF6 in its main production building at approximately 7:35 p.m. local time. The leak has been contained and a trained response team is currently working to ensure the leak has been stopped completely. There have been no injuries and there is no indication that any material has left the building. All plant emergency procedures were followed and safety equipment worked as designed."

Dalpe also said the plant immediately notified emergency responders as per emergency procedures.

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