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Judge rules to keep Keith Griffith's home standing

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PADUCAH, KY - A judge ruled a burned home where a local woman was found dead inside will remain standing. However, neighbors feel the house has been up long enough.

Judge Tim Kaltenbach ruled Monday to keep Keith Griffith's home standing until the trial to keep it fair.

"I'm not going to permit the residence to be destroyed," Judge Kaltenbach said.

Griffith is accused of shooting his wife to death, then setting their Reidland home on fire last January.

David Wommack lives down the road from the Griffith's home. He said when he walks his dogs by the burnt home every day, it's a constant unpleasant reminder of what happened.

"It's not a good thing. Most of us just want to see the house gone just as soon as we can," Wommack said.

To address neighbor's safety concerns about the home, Judge Kaltenbach ordered to have a fence built around it. Griffith's attorney Mark Bryant said they plan on having the fence around the home within the next two weeks.

Judge Kaltenbach asked to hold a short hearing Friday to make sure the fence is being put up and that evidence from both parties will be ready in time for trial. Griffith's trial is set to start February 2nd.

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