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Asian carp processing plant to bring jobs to Hickman

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HICKMAN, KY - Good news for a local county with one of the highest unemployment rates.

We're learning a new Asian carp processing plant, Riverine Fisheries, will bring in more than 100 jobs to Fulton County, which has an unemployment rate of 9.4 percent.

Those with the Hickman City, Fulton County Economic Development and Hickman City leaders announced the $18.7 million project on Tuesday.

This plant will be larger than the processing plant in Ballard County and located off the Mississippi River. It will also operate differently than the Ballard County plant. 

Riverine Fisheries will make it possible so the local fisherman catching carp will not have to travel to process their catch.  And with this workflow and number of jobs it will bring, both locals and the company are eager for the plant to open.

The factory space is empty right now, but come the start of the new year the plant hopes to fill this space with jobs, "It's a great day for the city of Hickman and Fulton County was Kentucky in the Commonwealth."

Eddie Crittendon with the Local Economic Development worked with Joe Gillas and the Alaska Riverines company for a long time, "This project has been underway for about 3 years."

The hope is this will bring an influx of much needed jobs to the community, "Over the long term well see over 100 jobs, full time jobs."

Contrina Avery says she hopes to better herself with a better job, "Looking for something that pays a little better that has benefits health insurance."

And although she doesn't have any fishing experience, she's anxious to do something she's never done before, "Hopefully we can get something in here that we can all be proud of."

It's people like Avery that President of Riverine Fisheries, Joe Gillas says was part of Hickman's appeal, "The location turned out be good it's centralized, the people, met a lot of people willing to work and want the jobs."

The hope is that Hickman's presence grows as an Asian carp processing hub so everyone makes money, "Were going to make it the center of an Asian carp world."

Riverine Fisheries will begin processing fish as early as March, even teaching local fisherman how to better capture Asian Carp. 

The company will accept and process carp from fisherman from across the Local 6 viewing area.

Hiring for specialized jobs, like administration, welding, or technology, will begin in a few months.

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