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6 Things to Know: November 12

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 1. A Trigg County grand jury will hear the evidence against Ryan Champion today. He's accused of killing his parents, sister and another man on October 26.

2. The United States and China pledged to limit greenhouse gases. At a news conference in Beijing, President Barack Obama announced the U.S. would move faster in cutting its levels of pollution.

3. Paducah Power hopes to move closer to lowering your power rates. The board is expected to discuss a "rate recovery plan" at a meeting this afternoon.

4. Eight days after Election Day, we have a winner in Alaska. Republican Dan Sullivan won the U.S. Senate race, defeating incumbent Democrat Mark Begich.

5. Alaska's Riverine Fisheries will establish a location in Hickman, Ky. in the coming months. They're looking to hire 100 workers at their Asian carp processing center.

6. The town of Westminster, Mass. could become the first to ban the sale of tobacco products. City leaders say it will lead to healthier people, but some store owners say they'll go out of business.

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