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Aisin celebrates decade of growth

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As Aisin celebrates ten years since opening in Illinois, company management says the best has yet to come.

Auto parts manufacturer Aisin has tripled in size over the past decade and added more than $36 million to the local economy per year.

When the Japanese company Aisin opened its doors in 2004 Marion Mayor Robert Butler was happy just to be adding 35 jobs to his community.

"I had no idea what it could be, but we had high expectations and high hopes that it would evolve and grow into what it is today," said Mayor Robert Butler.

A decade later the auto parts manufacturer has never been busier according to Assistant Production Manager Michael Mitchell. Aisin has clients such as Honda, Toyota, Dodge, and Chrysler as well as a growing workforce.

"We have some new business coming up for the Toyota Camry, we just got awarded that and we've been awarded Honda CRV as well,” said Michael Mitchell. “Those are very high volume business."

Those contracts could add such high volume that the plant could potentially expand its Marion facilities into the future.

"We have expansion plans to add more business,” said Mitchell. “We're almost at capacity right now so we just have to plan for the future the best we can."

"We have a tremendous partnership here between Japanese technology and the American labor force,” said Mayor Butler. “It's a great wedding of the two and I think the results are obvious."

Aisin is in the process of hiring a number of new employees for a variety of positions at their Marion, Illinois, factory.

For more information on how you can apply, click here.

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