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What the Tech: Winter Emergency preparedness

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The cold weather is here and it's sticking around. If you haven't already, it's a great time to think about winter emergency preparedness.

To prevent frozen water pipes in your home, Easy Heat will help. It's a self-regulating cable you wrap around water pipes. It plugs into a wall outlet and when the temperature drops below 38%, the coil warms up, preventing those pipes from freezing.

The Winter Survival Kit app is for if you become stranded in your car. Set it up by entering your emergency contacts, AAA policy number, and insurance information. Then fill in some information on your vehicle. It'll ask for your car's gas tank capacity and can give you a general idea of how long you can run your engine to stay warm based on how much fuel you have. It can also locate the nearest gas stations and, in the worst case scenarios, will alert you ever 30 minutes to remind you to wake up or turn off the car to prevent carbon monoxide buildup. The app is on both Android and iOS.

If you get stranded, or if the power goes out, a smartphone isn't going to help if it dies. A portable battery charges will hold a charge for hours, but don't forget to take your phone's power cord with you.

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