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Illinois city without mayor

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Herrin, Illinois is without a mayor and will be for the next ten days.

It is not know who will take over, but the city clerk is picking up the slack in the meantime.

Former Herrin Mayor Vic Ritter made decisions in the council chambers for the last 14 years.

He is now the third Herrin mayor in a row to resign.

City Clerk Marlene Simpson has seen it happen before; she has held the position since 1985.

Simpson says she is happy to help out during the transitional period.

"I'm just doing my normal things that I would do anyway, if Mayor Ritter were here, we would do it together," said Simpson.

What she says she is not happy about is seeing her friend and colleague go.

"He's been a great mayor. It's been a wonderful situation that he and I work together, and he's done a lot for this city," said Simpson.

On November 24th, during a regularly scheduled meeting, the council will vote for an interim mayor.

That person will remain as acting mayor until the next election.

The Mayoral election will take place in April of 2015 and the winner will remain in that position for two years.

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