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Customers, stores stocking up for winter weather

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PADUCAH, KY - With sleet and snow predictions, people and stores are stocking up on winter supplies. On Sunday, at Lowes on Hinkleville Road shoppers loaded up on rock salt and shovels.

Assistant Manager Kendre Burkes said their staff pays close attention to weather to know when and what to stock up on.

"People got to go back and forth to work, and a lot of businesses won't close. So, you know you have to have what people need," Burkes said.

Burkes said customers were buying pallets full of rock salt. He said two more truck loads of salt are coming in this week because of the early winter weather.

Customer, Charles Peeler and his wife shopped early because last year they couldn't get a hold of any salt. As a truck driver, Peeler said it's crazy that he's already driven through snow.

"Especially moving in this early because it's unreal to be getting snow like this at this time of the year," Peeler said.

It's early enough, that grocery stores like Banks Market haven't seen a food grabbing frenzy yet. Banks Market Assistant Store Manager Tyler Leeds said the store is stocked with food to keep people feeling warm.

"You know, tomatoes, canned goods, anything that people are going to be able to eat at their house in the event that they cant get out," Leeds said. 

He said the store has plenty of bread, meat, and milk. 
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