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Preventing sickness in dogs during the holiday boarding season

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PADUCAH, KY - We're not the only ones adjusting to this cold weather. These sudden chilly temps can stress a dog's immune system, making them prone to infections, especially if you plan on boarding your furry friend this holiday season. Just like humans, your dog can get a cold. Its called tracheal bronchitis also known as kennel cough.

Veterinarian Jason Rodgers at Lone Oak Animal Clinic said it causes dogs to get a hacking cough.

"It's basically an upper repository infection," Rodgers said.

Rodgers said dogs can also catch flu-like symptoms which is called canine influenza.

"It's a lot more severe. They get more into pneumonia," Rodgers said.

While Rodgers said canine influenza is rare, kennel cough is common and can spread by dog-to-dog contact. He said it can be prevented through a Bordetella vaccine.

"No vaccine is a 100 percent, but it helps decrease the chance that they pick it up and also if they do pick it up it can make things a little milder," Rodgers said.

That's why Dena Row and Michelle Fowler owner's of Furkidz in Paducah require the vaccine before you can board your dog. Which is the norm for most boarding and some grooming places.

"Even a sneeze can spread it out through the whole building," Row said.

Bordetella vaccines are available in a shot form, orally, or through your dog's nose. It can take about a week for it to get into your dog's system.

Veterinarians recommend getting a bordetella shot at least once a year. Row said they cost from $12 to $15 in our area.

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