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School may appoint separate athletic director

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ANNA, IL - Anna-Jonesboro High School will be updating its anti-bullying policy after an investigation into a bullying incident led to the expulsion and suspension of six football players.

The incident happened in the locker room before a football game in September.

It wasn't until early October that Anna police heard about the incident and began looking into the incident

At the time the investigation started, Police Chief Scott Rice and Superintendent Rob Wright said they believed that Coach Brett Detering had handled the situation.

Along with being the Head Football Coach, Detering is also the principal at the school and the athletic director.

Now the school may be appointing a separate athletic director.

Superintendent Wright says Special Council James Radcliffe conducted an independent investigation into the September incident.

The judge found the superintendent and principal did not violate any laws, regulations, or polices.

Radcliffe did recommend that Detering's give up his role as athletic director because of the perception that football players maybe treated differently.

Meanwhile, the victim's father spoke out to Local 6. He says updating the anti-bullying policy won't do any good considering he wasn't notified of the incident until 18 days after the administration found out.

"They can make up all the policies that they want, but if don't enforce the ones they have now, being student or staff or faculty members, it's not going to do any good," said Rich Harvel.

The school board plans to review the anti-bullying policy at its December 15th meeting.

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