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6 Things to Know: November 20

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 1. A gunman shot and injured three people overnight on the campus of Florida State University. Campus police confronted him then shot and killed the shooter.

2. A special prosecutor says there's not enough evidence to file charges in Molly Young's death. Her father says he will not give up, filing wrongful death charges against his daughter's ex-boyfriend.

3. President Barack Obama will give a speech tonight laying out his plans for immigration reform. We will stream the speech live for you here at 7 p.m.

4. Kentucky's gas tax will drop by 4.3 cents to 27.6 cents on January 1. But the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet warns the drop means millions lost to maintain roads and bridges.

5. Call it a Buffalo Double-Blast. Forecasters say the city in New York will see up to 3 feet of snow today, on top of the nearly 6 feet that already sits on the ground.

6. An executive order banning smoking on state-owned grounds went into effect today in Kentucky. The ban does not affect parks or state-owned rest areas.

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