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Country star getting word out about Caregiver Awareness Month

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 When someone you love falls ill, you're by their side. When someone needs you to help them through something tough, you don't hesitate.

In fact, 15 million Americans are caring for sick or disabled loved ones and November is Caregiver Awareness Month.

A popular country music star took the time to talk to us about his struggle with multiple sclerosis and the special caregiver he says keeps him going.

"It is a partnership. She is great at it," Clay Walker says of his caregiver and wife, Jessica Walker. "I just want people who have illnesses to acknowledge and appreciate more your caregiver because they're invaluable to us. I couldn't continue touring the way I do if I wasn't taking care of myself."

Clay says he has a tour ahead of him as he prepares to release a new record, and he takes Jessica with him through it all.

"No matter what that situation is, we all share one thing and it's that we love the person that we're taking care of," Jessica says. "So just love them and care for them."

"That love is healing. I can tell you that," Clay says.

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