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I Am Local 6: Ninja Zone, One of Ten Programs in the Country

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The ninja craze is taking the nation by storm with the return of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the popular show, American Ninja Warrior.  Extreme Kids in Marion, IL started a program, three months ago, called Ninja Zone.  It's one of ten programs in the country.  It takes a child's imagination and turns it into a way for them to stay active and agile.

Preston Lunon is the head coach for Ninja Zone, and he instructs young "grasshoppers", Blake and Merick, through their first of many challenges.

"I'm just trying to teach them how to move throughout an environment fluently without stopping," said Lunon.

Ninja Zone is a combination of free-style running called parkour, tumbling and teamwork.  With a little imagination, they conquer "Ninja Tower", a 20-foot structure with four different levels.

"We always have bad ninjas, and we're the good ninjas.  We're always trying to get away from the bad ninjas," said Lunon.

The class has obstacle courses, conditioning and the ninjas are put on super-secret missions.

"They have to get out of the tower in a certain amount of time, and they can't touch the lasers because they are on," said Lunon.

The "lasers" in Ninja Tower are hundreds of nylon straps at each level of the tower the ninjas move through to travel up and down.  Ninja rolls and ledge climbing are mixed in with strength training and races.  What seems like every young boy's game on the playground, it's a way for them to become strong as they learn the ways of the ninja.

Ninja Zone classes at Extreme Kids are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  For more information you may go to www.extreme-kids.com.

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