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Preparing to protest

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Peaceful protests happening across the country in response the shooting incident in Ferguson, Missouri that left an unarmed teen dead.

In Carbondale, Illinois, activists are gearing up for the moment when we find out if officer Darren Wilson will be indicted.

They say the issue of racial injustice is not isolated to St. Louis area.

Catherine Fields, with the Racial Justice Coalition in Carbondale says there will be a peaceful protest here no matter what a Grand Jury decides.

Carbondale is more than 100 miles from Ferguson, but Fields says that is not the point.

"We see the events in Ferguson, Missouri as being a part of the story that's happening every where," said Fields.

Ed Dorsey says he experienced racial injustice first-hand and says he feels connected to the issue.

"Certainly in the Ferguson case, I feel it," said Dorsey.

Fields believes minorities are treated unfairly.

"Arrested at higher rates, being suspended from school at higher rates, being shut out of our major social institutions," said Fields.

She wants to see the protest filled with people.

"We want people to stand up, we want people to say this is not just a black issue," said Fields.

For more information on when the Racial Justice Coalition will be protesting, click here.

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