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Hunters donate to local food banks

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When thousands of hunters take to the deer stand this weekend they aren't just out there for the sport, they're looking to help others.

For local deer hunter Don Piercy, shotgun season means more than chasing a trophy buck.

"I'm hoping that we see some deer today, and hopefully we'll be able to fill our freezer plus feed the hungry,” said Don Piercy.

Meat markets across the region are helping hunters fight hunger by offering to clean, debone, and process deer at a discounted rate if they donate the meat to a local food pantry.

They process it as ground venison, so it's not a steak or a roast that people don't know what to do with,” said Jane Williams. “It's packed usually in two pound packages so it's exactly the size that we need to give out to families."

Once deer is packed into one and two pound packages, it is then distributed out to 30 and 35 families. That's enough food to feed them for up to a week.

"Once we start to give it out the clients ask for it,” said Williams. “In our biggest year we got 1,500 pounds and it lasted for a couple of weeks even.”

To donate venison to a food pantry you first have to get it processed.

For a list of where you can donate click here.

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