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Local shoppers look for deals on Black Friday

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MARION, Ill. -

 Despite widespread protests in the United States, there were plenty of people who got out to shop on Black Friday, including at the Target in Marion, Illinois.
 The store opened at 6 p.m. Thursday and shoppers were lined up hours before.

There are a couple schools of thought when it comes to getting the good deals. Kathy Cartwright's strategy is to have no strategy.

"I don't have a game plan, just running from store to store," Cartwright says.

Others come in with a wishlist and, if you're Johnna Bergmann, coupons.

"I buy the Sunday paper every week," Bergmann says. "I cut all of those coupons and I put them in my binder."

Bergmann is a self-proclaimed "extreme coupon-er."

"I never pay full price. This is my favorite day of the year," Bergmann says.

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