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Snow plow driver shortage

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As we prepare for another long winter, the Illinois Department of Transportation is missing one of their most important tools in fighting mother nature.

The life of a snow plow driver is often a thankless job where you're on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"We had our crews out by about 4 a.m. this morning," said IDOT Engineer Keith Miley.

Snow plow drivers are ready for whatever conditions mother nature can throw at them to keep traffic moving.

"Last year with the record snowfall that we had they did an excellent job," said Miley. "We're counting on them this year to do the same thing."

According to IDOT District 9 Engineer Keith Miley they have the salt, and the trucks to keep the roads clean in the event of a big storm, but they are still missing one key ingredient.

"We don't have enough full time operators to adequately staff for a 24 hour rotation," said Miley.

Currently all sixteen counties in District 9, which controls nearly 3,700 miles of highways and interstates, need snow plow operators.

"We want to add 170 to 200 people to our workforce," said Miley. "That helps us when we do get an extended call out because we have to have fresh people on board every 12 hours."

The average pay for an IDOT snow plow driver is just over $20.50 an hour, but you must have a CDL drivers license to qualify.

If you are interested in applying click here.

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