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Mother of Pravin Varughese files wrongful death claim against ISP, trooper

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Another wrongful death lawsuit has been filed in the Pravin Varughese case.

The Varughese family is still trying to figure out why their son, Pravin, was found dead in the woods in Carbondale last February.

Pravin was last seen by a man named Gauge Bethune. They were in the car together when the two began fighting.

That is when Pravin reportedly took off in to the woods.

Shortly after Pravin ran into the woods, the driver, Gauge Bethune, was pulled over by Illinois State Police Trooper Chris Martin.

Bethune told the trooper that Pravin was in the woods and Martin briefly looked for him before leaving.

Martin did not file a report until a week after Pravin was found dead.

It was not but four months ago that the Varughese family was in the Jackson County Courthouse filing not one wrongful death suit, but three.

Now, they are filing another against Trooper Martin.

The complaint is for $100,000, but Lovely Varughese says it is not about the money.

She says the trooper was negligent.

"You are a law enforcement officer. I think you have a little bit more responsibility than to just shine a flash light into the woods, and not even make a report on that," said Varughese.

The Varughese family says they have been denied access to police reports, autopsy reports and Pravin's belongings.

She says those things would bring closure.

"Maybe we can start mourning. You know, we haven't started that. We've been fighting so hard, we don't even know where to start anymore," said Varughese.

Lovely Varughese says she will keep pushing until she gets answers, even if it means more lawsuits.

The family has also filed lawsuits against the city of Carbondale, the former Carbondale Police Chief Jody O'Guinn, the driver of the car Gauge Bethune, and the Department of Justice.

You can read the full complaint against Trooper Martin by clicking here.
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