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Local university to ban smoking on campus

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Murray State University is going tobacco-free next year.

In the beginning of the semester, more than 2,000 Murray State students, faculty, and staff filled out smoking surveys asking if they support of oppose a partial or complete smoking ban on campus.

On Thursday, the Murray State Board of Regents met to discuss the survey's findings. Other than the smoking ban, the options also included banning e-cigarettes and improving designated smoking areas on campus.

A majority of the staff was in favor of the two. The student body, almost split evenly between the three options.

The board did decide on a contingency plan. The university will be tobacco free for a year and then revisit the policies and motions they've passed after a transitional year.

During this year, they'll provide and fund cessation programs, and immediately move current smoking areas away from doorways and walkways.

Murray State decided to not incorporate the tobacco-free policy as part of its marking plan right now.

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