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What the Tech: Facebook privacy

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Facebook is updating their privacy policy and it's leading to a growing number of users sharing a note on their accounts to protect their ownership of information and photos.

The post dates itself, then declares that their rights are attached to all of their personal data, drawings, paintings, photos and etc. But it doesn't work.

Here's more from the post: it says the user allows people to copy and post what you post, but you've protected it otherwise by copyright and forbids Facebook to disclose, copy or use in any other way without permission, and violating it is punishable by law.

Declaring you own all of your data doesn't over rule what you've agreed to, but you can protect your information to some extent.

When you post something pay attention to the lower right hand dropdown menu. It is something most people have either ignored, or never noticed.

The default is the update or photo is posted publicly. That means anyone can see it, whether they're on Facebook or not.

If you want to keep everybody from seeing it, drop the menu and click on "Only My Friends." You can protect it even more by posting to "Close Friends," or "Only to Myself."

In an interview with Time magazine, Facebook's privacy communications managers said the new policy allows the use of your photos across Facebook, but that you still own what you post.

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