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Hearing held over race for Carbondale mayor

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It is undecided whether or not Carbondale Councilwoman Jane Adams will be running against anyone in the 2015 mayoral race.

Local businessman Mike Henry wants to run, but accusations have been made by a lawyer that he does not meet the residency requirements and is ineligible.

Henry says his knowledge of small businesses could be an asset to the community and hopes to be able to run.

He has owned his printing company since 1972 and says his expertise could go to good use in Carbondale.

"I understand financing for business, I've done a lot of it here. Obviously I own a fairly good sized piece of commercial property," said Henry.

While he has always worked in Carbondale, he says he did not live there until last September, when he moved from Carterville.

Lawyer Darrell Dunhams says that is not true.

He said in a public hearing that while Henry may have owned a house in Carbondale since September, it was not his permanent residence.

The law says anyone running for mayor must reside in their perspective city for one year prior to election day.

"We need to be concerned that we have candidates that meet the statutory requirements to run for office," said Dunham.

Henry maintains the accusations are untrue and says he can prove it.

"We've copied our water bills to show that we're in the house using water. We've copied utility bills," said Henry.

He says he will continue supplying evidence until he is able to run for the mayor's seat.

Councilwoman Jane Adams was not at the hearing, but did reach out to Local 6 via email.

She says she wants a running make and hopes there is an actual race.

She says regardless of the outcome, she will campaign and try to rally the support of the community.

The next public hearing regarding Henry's eligibility will be next Monday at 3:00 p.m.

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