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Diners split on nutrition information regulations

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The holidays can be a nightmare on your waistline, but next year it could be easier for you to watch what you eat.

New federal regulations will require restaurants, supermarkets, and even movie theaters and vending machines with more than twenty locations to include calorie information on their menus.

Every day fitness nutrition specialist Shane Smith works with people on proper weight management. He says the hardest part of losing weight, is knowing what to eat.

"It's always misleading,” said Gold's Gym Fitness Nutrition Specialist Shane Smith. “If you're at a restaurant and you're eating a salad you might think that you're making a healthy choice when in all actuality that salad was loaded with fat, loaded with sugar, and essentially loaded with calories."

While small, locally owned restaurants aren't required to disclose nutrition information to customers Longbranch Care and Bakery General Manager Elanie Ramseyer says they owe it to their customers to be upfront about what they are eating.

"People are wondering how many carbs are in this,” said Elanie Ramseyer. “What's the sodium? What's this food comprised of? We did an indepth analysis of our entire menu and we have that information available."

While small businesses like Longbranch are stirring up new business by including calorie information, ultimately the final decision rests with the customer.

"I enjoy being able to make my decisions based on that, and I often turn away from the things that aren't helpful,” said Maria Sgoruakis-Buehler.

"I'm eating healthy enough,” said John Greene. “I'm a vegetarian, and I don't worry about my weight."

Restaurants have until November of 2015 to update their menus to include nutritional information.

Some restaurants, like Panera and McDonalds, are already doing this.

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