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6 Things To Know: December 10, 2014

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PADUCAH - Here are the 6 Things To Know: December 10, 2014.

1. Missouri executed Paul Goodwin overnight for murdering his neighbor in 1998. The execution is number 10 for the year. That's a record for Missouri

2. Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka died around 2:00 am today. Her office says she died after suffering a stroke. The republican won a second term this past November.

3. Americans

got fatter last year and we're more lazy. The obesity rate in adults grew to 29% while nearly 25% say they have not exercised in 30 days.

4. Ryan Champion returns to a Trigg County, Kentucky courtroom today. He will be arraigned on murder and kidnapping charges. He is accused in the deaths of his parents, Joy and Lindsey his sister Emily and Vita Riservato.

5. Students at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale held a "die-in" to protest grand jury decisions in the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. Students stretched out on the floor instead of having their heads in the books. This is finals week at SIU-C.

6. Lawmakers say they've agreed on a funding bill to avoid a government shutdown. The trillion dollar bill includes funding for hte fights against Ebola and Isis.

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