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The myths about Multiple Sclerosis

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 400,000 people in the United States suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. The disease is known as MS and is defined as an autoimmune condition that develops when the immune system misfires against a fatty substance called myelin. That substance insulates the nerve fibers of the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves.

Even though many of us may know an MS sufferer, Medical Director for Neurology Dr. Peter Wade says there are too many myths about the disease.

Myth #1: MS is a death sentence.

Fact: Life expectancy is normal or close to normal for most sufferers

Myth #2: All MS sufferers will end up in a wheelchair in their lifetime. 

Fact: Thanks to earlier detection and better treatment many sufferers don't need a wheelchair or any assistance getting around.

Myth #3: MS sufferers can't have kids.

Fact: Dr. Wade says he encourages patients to start a family, or extend their family, if they're healthy enough to care for children and themselves.

 Dr. Wade also said says it's important to remember that MS is treatable but not curable. Long term remission is possible for many sufferers but evidence of progression can pop up on new MRI scans of the brain.

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