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6 Things To Know: December 11, 2014

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 Here are the 6 Things To Know: December 11, 2014

1. A new reports shows  states don't spend enough money to keep kids away from cigarettes. The report shows almost 18% of Kentucky's high schoolers smoke. The number drops to 14% in Illinois.

2. The search continues for two men they say robbed the first Southern Bank in Carrier Mills, Illinois. Police say a man went into the bank, showed a weapon and walked out with cash.

3. Parkway Regional Hospital in Fulton, Kentucky will end inpatient and emergency services on March 31. 200 Employees will be laid off or forced to relocate.

4. Ryan Champion pleaded not guilty in the shooting deaths of Lindsey, Joy and Emily Champion and Vito Riservato. Commonwealth Attorney GL Ovey says he'll seek the death penalty.

5. Congress has less than 24 hours to avoid a government shutdown. The house will vote on a bill funding the fights against Ebola and Isis, but it cuts protection for the environment and makes school lunches less healthy.

6. You might save a lot in gas next year. The energy department predicts a gallon of regular to average $2,60 in 2015.

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