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Battling holiday weight gain

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During the holidays, the average American will gain up to five pounds.

But Troy Ray says he won't.

He is in the gym four to five days a week to maintain his new, healthy lifestyle.

"We got pregnant with our second child, we both gained a little weight. Obviously she was pregnant, and I put on a little sympathy weight," said Ray.

When he was 85 pounds heavier, the holidays meant food, and lots of it.

"Broccoli cheese casserole, dressing, I love dressing, my grandma puts mushrooms in it, it's really good," said Ray.

Dietitian Megan Wood says portion control is the key to battling holiday weight gain.

Splitting your plate into thirds is important year round, but is especially helpful at holiday meals.

"Instead of completely cutting out your starches you can just minimize them," said Wood.

She says Ray has it right, exercise is crucial.

Even rowing or walking for ten minutes a day will help keep the holiday weight down.

Wood says it is unrealistic to ban all holiday treats, just enjoy responsibly.

"If you know you love pumpkin pie, have the pumpkin pie, have it in small portions," said Wood.

Now, Ray is not intimated by holiday eating because he says he is stronger than that.

Wood says to remember that holiday drinks like eggnog and flavored lattes could contain nearly an entire days worth of calories.

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