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Given second chance dog overcomes paralysis, learns to walk again

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Do you believe in Christmas miracles? Two years ago, Zeus the dog could barely even lift his head, let alone walk. He is now spreading a little Christmas cheer.

When Lynda Keuther found Zeus online, he was on his last leg at a high kill shelter in Oklahoma, afflicted by what they now believe to be distemper.

"He pretty much could lift his head and wag his tail, and that was about it," said Lynda Keuther.

Keuther, a physical therapist by trade, worked with veterinarian Kay Creese to develop a plan for Zeus to not only get better, but live the life of a normal dog.

"Had they not committed to swimming him every day, and doing the things that they did he would not have made it," said Kay Creese.

After physical therapy in a pool, Zeus was then moved to a wheelchair.

"He was able to start to make the motions of walking, and feel like he was walking, and propel his own body," said Keuther.

Until one day a miracle happened and Zeus took his first steps.

"Every little step along the way has just been a tiny miracle," said Keuther.

A tiny miracle that they are now hoping to replicate with Zeus's new four legged friend Athena.

"If he had given up that would have been the end of it," said Keuther. "He's just been a trooper. He's taken everything in stride."

"So many of the dogs that we take in here are proof of it," said Creese. "They just need a chance. They just need to be cleaned up and love."

Zeus is still in therapy every day but can now easily swim, climb stairs, and even chase squirrels.

Athena still has a ways to go in her recovery, and back surgery is a possibility as she begins her long road to recovery.

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