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Grant helping to bring Christmas joy to underprivileged children

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Glenn Poshard may be best known as a former Illinois State Senator, and President of Southern Illinois University. But on Monday, he and his wife Jo spent time playing the role of Santa's elves.

A room typically filled with suits, was filled by smiles provided by the high school senior Kathryn Jackson, who collected stuffed animals in the spirit of giving.

"What is Christmas without giving? It just makes everything happier," said Kathryn Jackson.

To make the holidays a little happier, the Poshard Foundation also gave a few gifts, $60,000 worth to be exact, to 22 local organizations that serve underprivileged children.

"This is about the kids. We have so many children in Southern Illinois who do not have the resources to have a nice Christmas, and it's unbelievable," said Jo Poshard.

Generous donations that allow kids to have more than just a Merry Christmas.

"It's just wonderful to see the families come in because they're excited. We get letters from children saying how thankful they are for the gifts. It doesn't take much to please children. Just a few odds and ends can really brighten up the day," said Sherrie Crabb of the Family Counseling Center.

If you would like to continue with their spirit of giving  you can contact the Poshard Foundation by clicking here.

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