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US Forest Service reverses course on management plans for LBL

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LYON COUNTY, Ky. - Since announcing its Management Plan for portions of Land Between The Lakes, The US Forest Service has received several comments against the plan, including people like Anna Copeland.  "I've been coming to LBL since I was in grade school," she said.

For years, Copeland has walked through these wood of Land Between the Lakes - the seclusion is what brings her back.  "This is our backyard.  We literally have this view of LBL and the forested tree line from our couch," she said.

Sadly, Copeland believes those views are changing.  The US Forest Service began clear-cutting portions of land between the lakes as part of its original management plan.

"It's devastating. It's appalling. It's definitely not the type of scenery that we come here to enjoy," Copeland said.

Because of that push back from people like Copeland, Lyon County Judge Executive Wade White met with the US Forest Service to review what he called a broad interpretation of the plan.  "It made all of us nervous that we were going to see an LBL become something that it's not," White said

White said the Forest Service agreed to pull the current plans and draft a new proposal starting next year.   He said the public was concerned the plan called for the forest to be turned into prairie land and that doesn't sit well with him or copeland, who says nature should be left alone.

"We're going to be here to make sure LBL is everything that it should be," White said. "It's where we come to get some privacy and seclusion and this is a little less private then what I would like to have when I come out here," Copeland said.

The new proposal is expected to be complete by the summer.  To view the original plan, click here.
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