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Be on the Lookout: Christmas burglaries

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A lot of people worry that home burglaries increase around the Christmas holiday because of all those presents in your home. But do they really?

We looked at the crime statistics from Paducah police for the past five years. Here's a quick look at how December stacks up:

Overall, since 2009, burglaries have decreased. 2014 isn't available yet, but in 2009 the number was 39. Last year it was just 8.

November seems to be consistently higher, though.
2009 - 23
2012 - 20
2013 - 17
2014 - 18

Regardless, here are some things to keep in mind.
- Don't place expensive electronic equipment boxes out on the curb for the trash truck.
- If you're going out of town for the holiday, ask a neighbor to watch your home.
- Don't anticipate your home is safe during daylight hours. According to Kentucky State Police, more than half of home burglaries in 2013 happened during the day.

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