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More bars to Carbondale

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More bars could be coming to one of our local cities.

The number of liquor licenses allowed in Carbondale has increased from 16 to 20. That means there are a few more spots available for someone to come in and open a bar.

Councilwoman Jane Adams says allowing more bars to come to town will add to the vibrancy of Carbondale.

"I really want to revitalize Carbondale and I want to find all the energy possible to come in and start businesses and build our entertainment," said Adams.

Adams doesn't think there should be a cap on how many liquor licenses are given out at all. She says having a cap discourages new business. She wants small businesses to give each other a run for their money.

"The market will decide who can succeed and who can't," said Adams.

Only one councilperson voted against the decision to raise the allotted number of liquor licenses.

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